Santi is a leading company in the italian market and one of the top players on the international markets in the manufacturing of tanks for the food liquid transport and not. The approach is the key element who distinguish the company, a philosophy guided by a technological innovation based on sustainability.

Technological Innovation

Technological innovation is for Santi tanks the pivot around which every area of the company is developed, starting from the research of the telematic integrated systems that allows the monitoring of compartments temperature and the right operation of the pumps and evolved heated systems, which are controlled even from remote thanks to a web platform: Santi integrated Telematic System.

Innovation activities are aimed to the search for new materials for the coating, with the goal of reducing the structures and improving the insulation, to grant the highest level of thermal insulation and the search of composite materials also for structural parts of the tank and the latest generation insulating materials, customized to improve the thermal performances of the products.


Design of the finite elements (FEM – Finite Elements Method) allows to reach thicknesses always thinner reducing the weight of the tanks and all its components. Thanks to the introduction of latest generation robotic welding machines a perfect resistance of seals is granted through “perfect geometry”, fundamental to assure the highest structural resistance and the highest hygiene. This process allows the minimum use of filler material, thus ensuring lighter and more robust tanks.


The customization of tanks is a further feature that makes Santi products distinguishable in the national and international market. The ability to create innovative solutions proposing semi-trailers with mechanical or electro-hydraulic wheel steering systems, ensures maximum maneuverability in confined spaces with longer tanks then with a higher load capacity. Therefore, Santi can meet every need of the customer and at the same time optimize the distances saving fuel thus, releasing less CO2 into the atmosphere.


within the phase of



748 kg. of CO2

The technology with which a Santi Cistern is built allows savings of up to 748 kg of CO2, due to the lower quantity of steel used, and therefore to the relative lower consumption of primary energy to produce it.




85.000 kg of CO2

… this translates, over a distance of 1,200,000 km, into a reduction of CO2 emissions of approximately 85,000 kg




0,24 ltr/100km

… and in fuel savings
0.24 liters every 100 Km.

Sustainability is an increasingly important aspect in everyday life, as well as in work environments. Thanks to an innovative approach, Santi Tanks, makes sustainability its primary value that, thanks to also the use of photovoltaic panels on our factories and the constant research and technological experimentation, allows the company to position itself up to date and take on the challenges that the future offers with cutting-edge solutions.

Santi Tanks is committed every day so that transport needs can match an increasingly sustainable philosophy. The key goal of the company is to build light tanks but at the same time being able to guarantee the maximum strength, a choice of products customizable according to the needs of the customer but also being effective in reducing consumption thanks to the high quality of the materials used.

The company’s commitment to more sustainable processes also involves ensuring the protection of food during transport, which is carried out according to the strictest hygienic and sanitary standards.

Miles after miles, passion, commitment and professionalism are the elements that support the strong attitude of Santi Tanks towards technological innovation. A journey that leads to the creation of high quality and longer life tanks, able to generate less and less consumption and especially, lower CO2 emissions.