The tank has a capacity from 23.000 up to 37.500 litres


Polyurethane in high density in compliance with ATP


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Tank: cylinder (shell) in stainless steel AISI 304/316 internally polished by tumbling or mirror polished in compliance with the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) European directive. Test pressure 3,00 bar, working pressure 2,00 bar

Capacity: from 23.000 up to 37.500 litres

Compartments: from only one compartment with wave-breaking up to 5 compartments

Insulation: polyurethane in compliance with ATP (Accord Transport Perissable) regulation

Coating: bottoms in fiberglass with naval gelcoat, cylinder (shell) covered in white fiberglass with naval gelcoat or in polished stainless steel

Deep valves: D=100 mm valves with manual top or ground control and alternatively with pneumatic control

Hatches: D=500 mm insulated hatches, 4 closing flaps, safe valves, rubber drains, stainless steel containment box and closing doors

Drains: single or independents, rear and/or side, with stainless steel containment drawers

General information: aluminium alloy or in stainless steel anti-slip passageways, stainless steel folding railing manually or pneumatically, stainless steel rear and/or front ladder, stainless steel side protections, contour lights, reflective side and rear stripes, air piping, …

Accessories: washing plant CIP (Cleaning in Place), exhaust manifolds, polyurethane insulation of drains, liquid thermometers, drain pump, pipe holder, reduction and fittings, sterile liquid box, …

Variants: stainless steel ducts for tank heating with burner installed on the semi-trailer or with steam connections, …


Frame: in high-strength steel sandblasted and painted or in aluminum alloy  painted, with ship-hooks homologated under IMO 4 (International Maritime Organization) regulation

Height coupling fifth wheel: 1.200 mm

Lifts: manually telescopic front lifts

Suspension: air suspension

Axles: three 9-ton axles with disc brakes D=430 mm, Bpw, SAF or Jost

Rims: in aluminium alloy

Tires: N.6 tires 385/65 R22.5″ of primary brand

Electrical system: electrical system conforming to ADR regulations equipped with ECU control unit

Accessories: PVC or stainless steel dome fenders with anti-spry, aluminum alloy side protections, a stainless steel toolbox, door spare wheel winch, stainless steel rear bumper with integrated lights, …

Options: first lifting axle, first and third lifting axle, third self-steering axle

T.M.: 38.000kg