Santi – the path to a continuous improvement of sustainability

Travagliato, 21 February 2022 – Santi, Italian leader and one of the main international players in the production of tanks for the transport of food liquids, has recently completed a process of integration and monitoring of Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) factors in its business activities. The project, strongly supported by the top management, involved the Company for a significant part of 2021 also with the strategic support of Deloitte Consulting: an important investment for Santi, considering the situation of general uncertainty due to the pandemic situation in progress, but also an opportunity to demonstrate its values ​​and to contribute to the Sustainable Development much promoted by national and European institutions.

At a production level, Santi makes technological innovation the pivot around which every area of ​​the company develops, also thanks to analysis activities aimed at searching for new materials and technical solutions: the above, with the aim – among other things – of lightening the structures, coatings and accessories of its tanks, thus resulting in a significant saving of CO2 in all phases of the life of its products, from production to daily use, also achieving certified results according to the UNI EN ISO 14064-2:2019 and validated by RINA. Santi is therefore committed every day so that the transport needs can marry an increasingly sustainable philosophy, with the aim of creating light tanks but at the same time able to guarantee maximum strength, with a selection of products that can be customized according to the needs of the customer but also effective in reducing consumption thanks to the high quality of the materials used.

The path towards sustainability undertaken by Santi was characterized by a first part of strategic analysis to define the areas of improvement most impacted based on the Company’s business activity, and a second part saw the implementation and/or the planning of selected concrete actions. The areas concerned were Governance, Environment, Employees, Communities, and Customers. At the same time, the actions defined within the project had as their main objective the improvement of these 5 areas by implementing interventions that will fully embrace the ESG topics identified.

Like any process of continuous improvement, the path towards Sustainability that has already been undertaken since some time, has undergone an important acceleration in 2021 with the start of the process of integrating ESG factors and will continue over time, also thanks to the appointment of an ESG Manager in the company, who will have the task of constantly monitoring ESG performance and continuing to propose new actions of improvement.
Sustainability is a challenge of exceptional importance, not only for the industry in which Santi operates, but also for the protection of the entire planet: thanks to the ESG integration process, the Company is sure to have laid solid foundations to be able to continue to give its contribution to addressing these challenges.